About Miguel

Thanks for taking a look into my site.

How I Got Here

Its been a long journey to get me where I am today. I was born in the US, when I was 6 years old my family moved to Colombia, I went to school and college there, then in my 20s I came back to the US, spent a couple of years in Los Angeles attending some business classes at UCLA and headed back to Colombia. Being in Colombia I met who today is my lovely wife, worked in different companies, tried starting my own business a couple of times and had two lovely daughters.

There was a moment in time when things were not doing good in Colombia, I have given everything and I was feeling I was not getting in return what I deserved, at that moment I took the decision to move back to the US and start a new life, after a couple of months I was in the US, full of energy, enthusiasm and ready for all the good opportunities that this wonderful country was going to offer me, as a lot of people state, here is where your dreams come true.

After many months of job searching I was finally able to get a job in a good company, worked there for 5 years, worked hard, got promoted, was doing fine, enjoying life and also my job, until that one day that I was told that I was being laid off, that is one of those moments you never see coming or never want to come, but it was there, it was real and I had to rise my head and walk out the door open to new opportunities and challenges, after three months of job search and networking I learned about Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, so here I am, starting a new chapter of my life and probably lots of positive and happy new stories to come…


My Purpose

I consider myself as a helper, I have always been there for the people I know and also strangers, doesn’t matter who it is, I am always willing to help. Being introduced into the world of Internet Marketing is giving me the knowledge and experience to help other people that, like me, hit a wall in their lives and made them look for different options, hopefully I learn enough to be able to coach people through this process and together achieve goals we have never ever imagined.

My Goal

With this site I want to show you how to make money via internet marketing, it’s going to be hard work and a lot of learning, I will be studying, reading and learning new things to share with you, I am a starter but a fast learner and ready to share my knowledge with you.
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Miguel Isaza




  1. Hi Miguel, thanks for sharing. I can relate. 3 years, and I had to leave 2 companies due to redundancy. It is definitely not in anyone’s interest to just invest in working for any company without at least building a secondary income. I wish you and family all the best.

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