Morning Run

Isn’t it incredible you can go out for a morning trail run while your business is growing.  Remember I am just starting, but it is still important to know that while I was trail running, this web page was getting indexed by Google, just give it more time and I will be getting readers like you and then making some money online with Internet Marketing.

For me it’s running, for you it can be something else, sleeping, hiking, biking, reading, writing, watching TV, going back to school, volunteering, working or any other activity that is your real passion.


And yes, this is possible and there is a lot of people just like you and me that are doing it right now, so why can’t you do it.

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These are some pictures of my run that I wanted to share with you

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  1. Hi Miguel, I chose this post because of the trail running interest we share. Exercise is the only way to get your mind and body ready for the day. I like the way you incorporated WA. I love nature and combining that with my love for fitness is awesome. Here we have added an extra dimension called Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). I prepare for races in various ways and currently have found boxing to be that super power I need. Please comment on my latest post here http://hardcoresportsequipment.net/boxing-cardio-workouts-10-minute-cardio-workouts-at-home-for-beginners to let me know what you think. You can also view my About Me page to find out more.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment, I do agree that any kind of sport transports us to magical words at least for a while. I have ran several OCR or mud races such as Tough Mudder.

  2. First of all, Miguel, your running trails take you to wonderful parts of this world, with stunning sceneries. Just beautiful. And yes, like you I am starting my online business, in the hope that one day I shall have more time to nurture my passion: in my case my dog, my home, my family. I am a strong advocate of passive income – it doesn’t mean an easy ride, but after the hard work, I would like to think that more freedom will be in sight. Yes, just ideal!!

  3. Great habit you have! I ‘d wish that I would be able to get up early in the morning and to go for a run while it is cold outside. However, I manage to wake up only at 9-10 AM… Thanks for the post, I will try to wake up earlier starting from tomorrow :)!

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